Space is Conscious

Universal consciousness is in all space everywhere

Paul Mulliner
2 min readFeb 21, 2022
image Paul Mulliner 2022 model photo Jorik Kleen on Unsplash

When we focus our attention in the conscious space inside us, we realize this conscious space is everywhere.

Around us, between us, in the street outside, right around the planet and right across the Universe.

Space itself is conscious, its where consciousness exists.

Our human brain isn’t creating consciousness.

Our brain processes information from our eyes, ears and sense of touch.

The conscious awareness inside us we’ve always assumed was emerging somehow from our brain is the presence of universal consciousness.

And though the reality of living in a separate human body persuades us our ‘own’ consciousness is separate from that of other people, no separate consciousness exists, inside any one of us.

Consciousness is one conscious space everywhere across the Universe.

Knowing this for ourselves by inwardly focusing our attention can change our awareness.

But we do need to intuitively know this for ourselves rather than just reading about the idea and have it remain a concept in our mind.

Inwardly paying attention to the space and silence inside us helps us realize and intuitively know the conscious space inside all life and throughout the Universe.

Intuitively knowing isn’t thinking.

Thinking brings concepts into our mind and we need to find the thought-free conscious space inside us.

Paying attention to the conscious space is like an inner listening.

An attentive inner listening to the conscious silence.



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