Space is Conscious 3

A continuing series exploring consciousness and reality

Paul Mulliner
3 min readApr 21, 2022
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“We do not come into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree” — Alan Watts

Underlying our own personal and unique thoughts is the raw fabric of consciousness itself, conscious awareness prior to all thought.

The silent presence of conscious awareness inside us.

This conscious awareness is a fundamental element within the Universe and extends right across it.

It’s present everywhere in all space, inside and around all life and all of us.

It’s a universal consciousness that’s aware everywhere, all at once.

And we can tune in to it and know it.

When we inwardly focus our attention we can intuitively realize universal consciousness.

We can allow our thinking to dissolve away, leaving just stillness and silence, and we find an intuitive personal knowing of cosmic consciousness.

And when we tune in to this universal field, we realize that each one of us is a boundless cosmic intelligence taking on the form of a human being.

Our brain is tuning in to a cosmic field of consciousness, allowing us a unique and personal window into universal field-awareness.

This cosmic field-intelligence seems to be expressing itself as living beings by generating, synchronising and orchestrating a large number of chemical reactions inside trillions of body cells.

At every moment, trillions of biochemical reactions, all in sync with one another, are occurring throughout our human body.

While coherent and orchestrated neural processing is generating the impression of a three dimensional world around us, using information from our senses.

All of this extraordinary activity is organised, arranged and choreographed, it all hangs together, everything is woven into everything else, it’s all coherent.

It isn’t a jumble of chaotic processes.

And the exquisite choreography shown by trillions of interwoven processes occurring inside living beings reveals the existence of a coherent spatial intelligence throughout the Universe.

A cosmic intelligence/consciousness we know within ourselves when we inwardly focus our attention and find the conscious silence inside us.

The twentienth century worldview, that our separate human brain generates consciousness, is being displaced by a new vision of reality that regards consciousness as a primary element within the Universe, present in all space everywhere.

And while the conscious silence inside us touches the stars
it brings light into the deep ocean of our heart,
helping us connect with the cosmic,
bringing meaning to our life.

image Paul Mulliner 2022 model photo Taylor Harding on Unsplash

Moving our focused attention inward helps us know the silent presence of the generative cosmic intelligence that’s continuously transforming itself into the interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry.

Cosmic intelligence/consciousness is becoming visible as it transforms itself into all of us everywhere.

And inwardly focusing our attention helps us intuitively know this universal consciousness.

When we tune in to the field we can intuitively realize that it’s aware everywhere, all at once.

Universal consciousness is nonlocal.

This is in sync with research in physics that shows the cosmic energy field that exists throughout the Universe ( the ‘quantum vacuum’ ) is also nonlocal.

Perhaps future research will show the cosmic energy field known to science to be somehow linked to universal consciousness?

Human explorations of the nature of consciousness/cosmic energy are progressing along two parallel tracks, one inner and intuitive emerges out of directing a focus of attention inwardly, the other emerges out of directing our attention outwardly at the world, through research in science.

Both suggest the existence of a universal, nonlocal and coherent consciousness/energy field.

Sudden intuitions can sometimes bring the cosmic
into the here and now,
when the poetry of silence
connects us into the conscious Universe.



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