Space is Conscious 2

A continuing series exploring consciousness and reality

Paul Mulliner
3 min readMar 20, 2022
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“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear” — Rumi

Every moment of every day we’re choosing what we pay attention to.

We’re choosing where to focus our attention.

This may be happening without us really being aware of it.

But as we scan headlines, newsfeeds and people’s faces, our attention is focused outward, wherever we’re looking.

And social media is very carefully designed to engage our attention, to hold our gaze, to maximize the time we spend focusing our attention on a constant stream of new images and text.

When we begin to notice precisely where our attention is focused, moment by moment, we can also begin to choose where to place this focused attention.

We can choose to sometimes focus our attention inwardly, into the conscious space and silence inside us.

The twentienth century worldview, that our separate human brain generates consciousness and the Universe is a mostly empty and lifeless void is being displaced by a new vision of reality.

This new worldview regards consciousness as a primary element within the Universe, present in all space everywhere.

Consciousness isn’t created by the brain, it’s present in all space throughout the Universe as a fundamental cosmic field.

Our brain is tuning in to this cosmic field of consciousness, allowing us a unique window into universal field-awareness.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

And focusing our attention inwardly, in the conscious space and silence inside us, helps us intuitively know this universal consciousness.

The conscious silence inside us
touches the stars
and brings light
into the deep ocean
of our heart,
helping us connect
with the cosmic,
bringing meaning and purpose.

It’s the breath of the universal,
the song that never ends,
the creative intelligence
guiding the Universe
and shaping all life,
like starlight becoming love
and moments of experience.

And the inner journey we can all make as human beings is a journey into knowing this conscious silence inside us, this cosmic intelligence.

A journey into knowing the conscious Universe inside ourselves.

A journey made of our choices, every moment of every day.

We can choose to focus our attention in the conscious silence inside us and find the intelligence of universal consciousness.

We can nourish our own personal participation with the conscious Universe.

We can keep in touch with something inside us that’s crucial for our happiness and well-being.

An essential inner space, a time away from our life in the world.

Our conscious inner center, our inner core, woven into consciousness throughout the Universe.

We don’t get much time
to be human,
to be the conscious Universe
experiencing life with human eyes,
and as time just slips away
like water slipping through our fingers,
a sudden intuition
can sometimes reveal
the cosmic and universal
in the here and now,
the poetry of silence
written in the wind
across our boundless inner sky,
connecting us to the stars
and the heart of the Universe.

Inside us, universal consciousness is exploring what it is to experience life on our planet as a human being.

And every day we can choose to find this universal consciousness, the conscious space and silence of our Universe.



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