What is Reality?

And is there a universal human reality?

Paul Mulliner
3 min readJun 17, 2021
photo by Vale Zmeykov on Unsplash

“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”
— Philip K. Dick

What is reality?

And is there a universal human reality?

Is there a core human reality, underneath all the differences of language, culture and belief, that’s the same for all people everywhere?

A reality that’s more universal than the personal realities we create with our thoughts.

A reality that emerges from something deeper inside all of us, the universal consciousness inside all human beings.

A reality that’s only available in the here and now?

It’s certainly possible to find an intuitive realization of universal consciousness, and we find it by training our attention.

We get into the habit of asking ourselves: where’s my attention focused right now?

And we focus our attention inwardly, in the conscious space inside us.

And suddenly there seems no boundary between inner and outer space, and all consciousness is a single conscious space that includes every star and all of us.

The conscious space inside us seems to exist right across the Universe.

It’s useful to remember this training when we encounter alternate realities.

As we observe the multiple alternate realities that flourish on social media, it’s clear that reality can be distorted when seen through a lens of thought.

Thought can create a version of reality, warping what’s actually real through a prism of belief.

And when we inwardly focus our attention, we can avoid becoming defined by our thoughts, and pay more attention to the conscious space between thoughts, rather than the thoughts themselves.

Every moment of our experience of life is an experience universal consciousness is having within and through all of us.

The universal reality isn’t a belief, it’s a realization.

A realization we find by tuning in to universal consciousness with our focused attention.

A universal conscious awareness that stretches right across the Universe and inside all life everywhere.

Consciousness isn’t limited to our human brain, it’s everywhere in the Universe.

When we tune in this conscious space inside us, our thoughts and beliefs begin to dissolve away, leaving the alert silence of consciousness prior to all thought.

And knowing this consciousness prior to thought allows us to see reality clearly, just as it is.

Wisdom emerges from the direct seeing of reality, here and now in the moment.

We can train our attention to be fully present in the here and now, to be more focused on the conscious space and silence inside us.

We can find the presence of universal consciousness inside us, the conscious Universe inside all of us everywhere.

And we can find the inspiration, insight, and clarity that helps us bring innovation into the world.

When we tune in, intuition becomes more apparent and often emerges with something interesting, something pertinent to our life situation, something we maybe hadn’t thought of before.

We can reach deeper into ourselves, finding inspiration for change.

We’re alive because a field of universal consciousness and energy is continuously transforming itself into all life throughout the Universe.

Trillions of precisely orchestrated biochemical reactions are occurring throughout our human body every moment, so we can experience life.

We’re a universal consciousness throughout the Universe appearing as human beings.

Each one of is an intrinsic part of a cosmic field of consciousness, intelligence and energy that joins all living beings everywhere throughout the Universe.

This universal consciousness, the raw stuff of conscious awareness before it becomes thought, is a fundamental element present everywhere in the Universe.

Inwardly focusing our attention helps us dissolve our thoughts of separation and find the single conscious space inside all of us that joins us into one common humanity and one planet.

We’re children of a cosmic process, woven from conscious starlight and we’re born into a Universe that’s experiencing life at every scale, within every heart.

A universal consciousness throughout the Universe is appearing as human beings.

And the universal reality of being human in this conscious Universe is always available to us.



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