Universal Consciousness

Is the fabric of reality

Paul Mulliner
4 min readOct 17, 2022
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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”― Nikola Tesla

Although our separate human body persuades us we’re separate and alone in this world, our ‘own personal’ conscious awareness is a unique lens into universal consciousness inside all of us.

A window into universal conscious intelligence in all space, the nonlocal cosmic consciousness that’s the primary fabric of the Universe.

The consciousness throughout the Universe that can be known intuitively around and inside us as a conscious field-stuff, like unseen intelligent light.

It’s the source of our conscious awareness and provides us with intuitive guidance, spontaneous inspiration and insight.

And yet we still know very little about this foundational cosmic field-stuff, this intelligence inherent in the Universe, this nonlocal unity transforming itself into the biochemistry associated with living beings.

The cosmic intelligence continuously becoming the observable Universe is a universal consciousness experiencing human life within us.

And it’s partially because a conscious realization of this non-visible cosmic source hasn’t yet gone mainstream that we continue to have huge problems making the sensible choices that would help us live better.

Help us live more in sync with the planet and with our conscious Universe.

Inspire us to make choices in our politics that provide well-being for all of us, rather than absurd wealth for a tiny minority and relative hardship and insecurity for everyone else.

Reality is a blend of the seen and the unseen.

A blend of the things around us we can see and touch and an underlying non-visible conscious space that’s always aware of our presence within itself.

And it’s the seen world that holds our attention.

Changing this begins with realizing where our attention is focused here and now.

We can direct our focused attention inside ourselves if we choose, into the conscious silence inside us.

Holding an inner focus of attention raises and tunes the frequency of consciousness inside us into a local resonance vortex, helping us more clearly access and realize intuition.

A local vortex of high frequency consciousness occurs when our inward attention is focused inside us.

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This tuning vortex is a high frequency resonance envelope within the universal consciousness field and occurs when we inwardly focus our attention.

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We’re tuning in to the field, tuning in to the insight and inspiration available to us at higher frequencies within the field.

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When we bring the practice of meditation into our life, when we inwardly focus our attention, we’re intuitively tuning in to the wisdom available within universal consciousness.

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Raising the frequency of our inner tuning helps us align with universal consciousness.

Bringing us the inspiration to do something different, or make positive changes in our life if we need to.

We live within a universal conscious space that seems intelligently responsive to us when we tune in to it.

A cosmic field-intelligence that’s more available, more known to us, when we pay attention to it inside ourselves.

A universal intelligence that seems to care about our personal welfare in the world and helps us with a stream of pragmatic and intelligent guidance if we tune in to it.

We’ve become so used to focusing our attention on the world around us, we’ve maybe forgotten we can also focus our attention inwardly.

We can pay attention inside ourselves to the inner conscious space and become more able to clearly hear our intuition.

Intuition that brings us the wisdom and guidance that’s always available from universal consciousness.


But have you tried it?



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