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Tuning in to Intelligence in the Universe

Paul Mulliner
5 min readJul 19, 2019


How taking a focus of attention inward helps us intuitively realize our connection into intelligence in the Universe.

It’s easy, during our everyday life in the world, to forget how remarkable human beings really are.

Several trillion complex biochemical reactions, all in sync with one another, are occurring throughout our human body every second.

Across trillions of synapses in our brain, coherent and orchestrated neural processing generates the impression of a three dimensional world around us, using information from our senses of sight, hearing and touch.

Despite this extraordinary reality, human beings are thought by many people to have emerged from random mutations of material stuff and the Universe is regarded as being mostly empty and lifeless.

The current mainstream popular western cosmology sees a dead, mechanistic Universe in which life emerges as a consequence of random processes, the human brain generates consciousness and each one of us is entirely separate from each other.

In this worldview, when we die, our separate, skin-enclosed personal self, generated somehow by our brain, ends abruptly.

If we regularly take a focus of attention inward, however, into the inner core of ourselves, we can intuitively realize that our consciousness isn’t separate from that of other people, but exists in all space everywhere, within and around us and throughout the Universe.

We can’t think our way to this realization though, because it’s not a concept.

As we tune in to the intelligent cosmic space, we can dissolve the sense of separation inherent in our everyday awareness.

Human beings allow cosmic intelligence to realize and know itself within the context of a sentient living being. Each one of us is this cosmic intelligence taking on human form for the duration of a human life.

Our awareness deepens as our focussed attention helps us consciously realize the cosmic field-self and we can more clearly hear the practical guidance that this spatial consciousness is…



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