Tuning In

To the universe

Paul Mulliner
4 min readSep 17, 2021
photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

We may all have moments
when it seems
that underneath
the everyday,
life’s more
than it appears to be,
and something silent,
conscious, enduring,
shows itself
as a love in our eyes
that doesn’t need words,
yet nothing’s left unsaid.

Something that reminds us
we’re cosmic,
the Universe in human form.

Something universal that seems to be organizing cosmic energy so it appears as trees, human beings and all life.

And though we can tune in to this spacious intelligence whenever we want, and allow it to intuitively guide us through the difficult times that crop up in every human life, we may not yet have realized how easy this inner tuning actually is.

How easily we can focus our attention in the universal conscious space inside us rather than on our thoughts, and find the access to intuition that human beings, everywhere on the planet and throughout past centuries, have always found.

image Paul Mulliner 2021

Tuning in, so we’re always able to find inner peace and the guidance available from cosmic intelligence.

But first we have to realize the crucial importance of knowing precisely where our attention is focused.

When we’re reading, our attention is focused on the words as we read them.

But we can begin to consciously direct our focused attention where we want it to go.

We can move it inside ourselves.

We can take our focus of attention and move it inward, into our inner core.

We can focus our attention on the conscious space inside us.

Regularly knowing the inner conscious space helps us more clearly hear the guidance emerging from our intuition.

And allowing this guidance to inform our choices every day, helps us begin to steer our life.

We might choose sometimes to ignore or override the intuitive guidance that emerges inside us.

But in a life-long process, with an inner intuitive guide we’re always tuning in to and have learned to trust, we can steer our life and participate wisely with the cosmic intelligence that’s bringing all life in the Universe into being.

Tuning in to this cosmic intelligence allows us to more clearly hear the intuitive guidance it can bring into our life. Image: Paul Mulliner 2_9_21

The transforming of cosmic energy and intelligence into the clusters of energy fluctuations that we observe as our own human hand, is occurring in a streaming flow of continuous emergence from the non-visible into the visible.

And this is now a way of seeing the world that’s more plausible than it might have seemed a few decades ago, before we knew from science that our human body isn’t nearly as solid and material as it looks.

Astonishingly, our human body seems to actually consist of patterns of vibration in a field of cosmic energy, organized and held together by a spatial intelligence across the Universe.

Cosmic intelligence seems to be becoming continuously visible as it transforms cosmic energy into the orchestration of biochemistry inside trillions of our own human body cells.

And becoming more aware of this conscious intelligent space, by inwardly focusing our attention, helps us feel more at home in the world and in our Universe.

While its guidance informs our choices in the world, and helps us find the inspiration to change the things that need changing, and let go of thinking that isn’t helping us.

And know that despite the endless transience of all our experience of life
and the everyday work of keeping a life together in the world, there’s always something constant and enduring inside us that can inspire and guide us.

Something that wants to be known while its conscious silence breathes into our heart.

Within each one of us the Universe becomes conscious of itself in a unique way.

And in our darkest moments it’s always there inside us, knowing the sadness and the beauty of a human life.

And though passing moments seem written in the wind
as though they never were,
every moment’s woven
in all the conscious space
between the stars,
and lives as memories
the Universe has
of every life.

Paul Mulliner 2021

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