Though We Don’t Live For Ever

Our heart lives in the stars and never dies

Paul Mulliner
1 min readSep 22, 2022
photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

We’re here just briefly
like a candle flame
that lights the space between the stars,
and while we live
the endless eternal
is woven in our heart
while all the moments of our life
fade to nothingness and memory
like rain dissolving into mist that lingers
on an endless ocean.

And all the fleeting moments
pass like in a dream,
like moving shadows seen
just briefly on a sunlit wall,
or like the echo of a haunting song
a choir might sing
as starlight fades into the dawn
with every star and synapse
somehow joined
in spiral swirls of galaxies
and the inner dance
of all life everywhere.

Moments happen,
lovers glance and smile,
hold hands, touch hearts
and whisper in the rain,
hoping perhaps
there’ll be yet another time
for the eternal
to reveal its gentle beauty
in the endless poetry of silence.



Paul Mulliner

Writer and Designer based in London. Writing about intuition, consciousness ....