The River

And the flow

Paul Mulliner
1 min readJun 28, 2022
image Paul Mulliner 27_6_22

Though we don’t live for ever,
our heart lives in the stars
and never dies,
and when our heart is open,
bringing kindness
to the world,
it wakens the eternal,
bringing light
to the deep ocean
of our being.

And though our life
is like a candle flame
that only briefly lights
something woven
through the world,
brings a song
that has no end
and no beginning
helping us touch into meaning
while every transient moment
echoes through
a conscious Universe.

The silence
knows our heart
is like the wind,
the sky and the ocean,
elemental, free,
always blending into our becoming,
always streaming into now,
a flow of time and experience,
a river of awareness
weaving us
into the Universe.

And for every fleeting moment
we’re the river and the flow.

And the boundless eternal
is the silence inside us
that touches the stars.



Paul Mulliner

Writer and Designer based in London. Writing about intuition, consciousness ....