The New Reality

Discovering our cosmic identity

Paul Mulliner
3 min readNov 29, 2021

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” Rumi

Through our eyes, the universe is perceiving itself” Alan Watts

We may sometimes have the sense that something profound exists just under the surface of life.

An intuitive realization that our conscious awareness connects us into consciousness throughout the Universe.

An intuition that we’re alive because a cosmic field of consciousness and energy is continuously transforming itself into all life throughout the Universe.

And as we inwardly focus our attention, we can find these intuitions emerging as our thoughts dissolve away, leaving the quiet presence of consciousness.

We can know the intuitive intelligence of cosmic consciousness and bring its clarity and wisdom into our life.

Among the daily reminders of how fragile life is, how vulnerable we all are to unexpected change, and how our thoughts and dreams about the future always exist in a continuous negotiation with chance and circumstance, we can find inside ourselves the one constant wordless presence, an experience beyond thoughts, a realization of the inexpressible cosmic consciousness.

We’re a spacious universal consciousness appearing as a separate person.

Letting go of thinking, so we can appreciate the presence of universal consciousness, here and now in the present moment, helps us find the inner peace we often look for.

For nearly a century, researchers in physics have known all the ‘material stuff’ in our Universe to be clusters of tiny wave patterns in a field of cosmic energy.

And this field of cosmic energy seems to be able to generate, synchronize and orchestrate the biochemistry occurring inside trillions of human body cells.

A cosmic field-intelligence is transforming itself into living beings across the Universe and experiencing being alive.

A realtime vibrational transforming of cosmic energy into living cell biochemistry allows human beings to become visible and touchable in a three dimensional world.

Like light transforming into solid form or music becoming visible, we’re a realtime materialization of the streaming flows of vibrational information emerging out of cosmic intelligence.

Life seems to be opportunistic in the Universe, cropping up where it can survive, emerging at first as a very simple life and evolving into more complex living beings.

And we might speculate that we’re alive, not as a consequence of a series of random cosmic accidents, but because cosmic intelligence has an intrinsic capacity to transform energy throughout the Universe into the continuously emergent streams of biochemistry characteristic of the simplest life-forms.

Simple daily mindfulness practice helps us dissolve our ego and our usual and conventional view of reality, bringing insight and inspiration.

Helping us also realize we’re participants in something larger than ourselves, a conscious and intelligent Universe, generating, encouraging, and maintaining life throughout itself.

A spacious consciousness as large as the Universe is knowing what it is
to be human.

And this conscious Universe joins us into everyone and all life everywhere until the time we dissolve into the inexpressible conscious silence, the cosmic intelligence that used to be a human being.

As we live with and know the conscious Universe inside us, the Universe becomes conscious of itself in a new way.

And it touches the infinite silence of the boundless conscious space inside us with something of its beauty.



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