The Conscious Universe

And us

Paul Mulliner
4 min readAug 22, 2022
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“We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love… and then we return home” — Australian Aboriginal Proverb

The inner journey we all make as human beings is a journey into knowing the conscious silence inside us, the cosmic intelligence.

A journey into intuitively knowing the conscious Universe inside ourselves.

All of us are woven into a cosmic consciousness across the Universe that’s always present and available in our lives, but we can’t think it into our awareness.

We can though, know it intuitively, when we allow our thinking to dissolve away and focus our attention on the inner space and silence that remain.

Tuning in to the conscious silence inside us connects us into the whole of consciousness throughout the Universe.

Helping us find a deeper meaning to life that brings us happiness.

Bringing us more intuitive inspiration and help with our life.

And healing the sense that somehow we’ve lost touch with the roots of our being, lost our access to inspiration, forgotten a larger knowing deep inside us.

Living in a separate human body persuades us that our ‘own’ consciousness is separate from that of other people but no separate consciousness exists, inside any one of us.

Consciousness is one conscious space everywhere across the Universe.

Our human brain isn’t creating consciousness, it’s mediating and enabling our access to a universal consciousness, and processing information from our eyes, ears and sense of touch.

The world we live in is a continuously arising transformation of cosmic energy and intelligence into the clusters of quarks, electrons, and orchestrated biochemistry that form the apparent reality we see around us.

A process of continuous emergence, not a static thing.

And when we find a connection into this cosmic intelligence we become a conscious participant in the evolving whole of consciousness everywhere.

A universal, nonlocal consciousness is everywhere and aware everywhere.

A ‘Great Spirit’ aware everywhere and trying to bring us into sync with itself.

A nonlocal cosmic consciousness/intelligence transforming itself into living beings across the Universe and experiencing being alive.

And what we think of as ‘my self’ is a localized center of conscious awareness within a nonlocal cosmic field-self.

There’s no separation between the universal conscious intelligence and ‘our own’ consciousness except for the boundary created by our own thoughts.

“The total number of minds in the universe is one” — Erwin Schrödinger

Each one of us has a local awareness within a nonlocal universal consciousness that’s like some kind of dynamic cosmic mind hologram perhaps, where everything known anywhere is known instantaneously everywhere.

And this nonlocality within universal consciousness is realized intuitively as oneness.

Fundamental to the new vision is intuition.

The wisdom traditions reveal widespread intuitive realizations of the nonlocality of universal consciousness.

The ancient Buddhist metaphor known as Indra’s Net describes the interconnectedness of the Universe as being like an infinite array of jewels, each one of which contains a reflection of all other jewels in its surface.

Like a nonlocal, dynamic-hologram, with fractal self-similarity at all scales, every part of the whole field knows and continuously adjusts to changes in every other part of the field.

An intelligent, dynamic interconnectedness, orchestrates and binds together all of what we know as reality everywhere.

Each one of us is entirely connected into and known within the whole Universe.

These intuitions have been shown to be plausible even to skeptics, by the experimental confirmation of the nonlocality of cosmic energy. ( Alain Aspect 1982 )

Each one of us is an inseparable part of one whole cosmic consciousness bringing life everywhere into being so as to see and know itself as living form.

Like intelligent light becoming life, each one of us is a visible materialization of streaming flows of vibrational information, emerging out of universal consciousness, becoming the biochemistry of living cells.

Cosmic intelligence is having a human experience.

And finding the intuitive inspiration to bring positive change into our life, and into our world, begins with knowing the conscious silence inside us.

Intuitively knowing the inner silence allows us to realize and accept a seamless unity with universal consciousness.



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