The Conscious Space

What is consciousness?

Paul Mulliner
4 min readJun 7, 2021
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“There is no matter as such… All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent spirit. This spirit is the matrix of all matter.” Max Planck 1944. Winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 1918.

What is consciousness?

And is there a single, universal consciousness inside all of us?

When we focus our attention on the space inside us, our thoughts begin to dissolve away, and there’s just the conscious space and silence remaining.

A conscious space, the peaceful silence and alertness of a consciousness that’s prior to all thought.

This conscious space seems to be a universal consciousness, a cosmic field-intelligence.

A universal conscious awareness that stretches right across the Universe.

And intuitively, our brain seems immersed in this cosmic field, with consciousness not limited to our human brain or to planet Earth.

We’re consciousness in the Universe taking on a human form, and its conscious silence is always present at the innermost core of our being.

And rather than the onset of an abrupt nothingness, we might consider that dying in a conscious Universe is a dissolving of the boundaries around our separate sense of self.

As we realize our immersion in a cosmic intelligence that we suddenly recognize and know.

A spacious cosmic consciousness helping us realize we were always expressions of itself that took on human form for the lifetime of a human being.

By bringing living beings into existence, cosmic intelligence seems to be experiencing itself, making itself visible to itself.

It’s vibrationally altering the energy fabric of itself to make itself visible, touchable and knowable as all of us and everything around us.

It’s transforming itself into the clusters of energy fluctuations that appear to us as the flowers, trees and human beings of our world.

A single cosmic field of consciousness seems to be expressing itself as all material form and all experience of that form.

Like a conscious sky inside all of us and in all space, this single experiencing space joins us into each other and weaves us into the fabric of the Universe.

Known throughout history, it’s inspired the emergence of many wisdom traditions and religions all around the planet, and it’s now beginning to attract the attention of the science community.

What is consciousness? And how can we bring subjective and intuitive realizations of this spacious cosmic field into our understanding of, for example, physics and biochemistry?

In the past few years, research in biochemistry has revealed the astonishingly precise orchestration of interactions between molecules inside the cells that make up our body.

With perhaps a billion reactions occurring per second in a living cell, protein and enzyme molecules have to move across the cell at precisely the right moment to interact with other proteins and enzymes.

This time-synchronized activity, the precisely orchestrated coming together of large numbers of enzyme catalysed reactions at exactly the right time, isn’t explained in current descriptions of biochemical processes.

Contemporary biochemistry texts describe the multiple, enzyme accelerated reactions of molecules in the cell as a consequence of random collisions or as though enzymes and proteins direct their own movements around the cell to join in with these reactions.

How does an enzyme molecule know where in a living cell other molecules are going to congregate, so it can facilitate a reaction which requires the simultaneous co-participation of multiple molecules?

How do these multiple large molecules know when to travel across a living cell so as to meet up precisely together at particular locations?

How can we explain the observed time-synchronized coherence in a living cell, which seems to function as a orchestrated whole, rather than as a jumble of separate molecules making random collisions?

Perhaps we can approach an answer to these questions by touching on some physics.

For nearly a century, researchers in physics have known that all ‘material stuff’ actually consists of large clusters of quantum-scale wave patterns in a cosmic field, known to physicists as the zero-point field, or quantum vacuum.

Atoms are a cluster of three dimensional dynamic resonance-forms within the vacuum-energy field, like the wave patterns generated within audible sound frequencies that we experience as music.

The molecules that make up the living cells of our body are localized vibrational wave-patterns within a single cosmic field rather than the separate material objects we learned about in school.

It’s these cosmic field-excitations that seem to be exquisitely choreographed and orchestrated into a coherent process of precise interaction with each other.

Once we start to see a molecules as localized patterns of vibration within a single continuous field, rather than as separate objects, our understanding of the existence of orchestration and coherence in the biochemistry of living cells becomes easier.

A cosmic field-intelligence seems to be expressing itself as a visible world by facilitating the continuous dynamic emergence of clusters of resonance vibrations within a cosmic field of energy.

Vibrationally transforming itself into the localized field excitations characteristic of bio-molecules in living-cell biochemistry.

Generating, synchronising and orchestrating a very large number of complex chemical reactions inside every one of our trillions of body cells.

And while several trillion complex biochemical reactions, all in precise sync with one another, are occurring throughout our human body, coherent neural processing, within trillions of synapses in our brain, is generating the impression of a three-dimensional world around us.

Consciousness is the primary element in the Universe, present in all space everywhere.

It’s transforming itself into living beings across the Universe and experiencing being alive.



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