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Relationship with the Silence

Paul Mulliner
4 min readOct 31, 2018


Within each one of us is the whole conscious, cosmic space in all of us.

The conventional explanation for the existence of consciousness is that it’s generated somehow by the brain.

It’s possible though that the brain acts as a window into a field of consciousness which is present everywhere in the Universe.

Indeed, if we gently hold a focus of attention in the inner core of ourselves, we can quite easily reach an intuitive realisation that the conscious awareness we have inside us exists also in the space around us.

It seems that the ‘I am’ awareness which exists, apparently separately, inside each one of us is an intrinsic property of all space everywhere and is simultaneously present inside all of us.

Cosmic consciousness seems to be a core attribute of all space everywhere and the primary stuff of the Universe, and this consciousness isn’t something limited to our human brain or to planet Earth.

Our brain is immersed in this spatial consciousness, allowing each one of us a unique window into the cosmic field-awareness.

We can’t think our way to this realisation though, because it’s not a concept. Instead, we need to pay attention to the presence of the conscious space inside ourselves.

This is easy to do and requires that we focus our attention inwardly for a few minutes occasionally rather than just exclusively focussing on the world around us.

If we find time every day to let our thinking subside and take a focus of attention inward, we can begin to intuitively realise a connection into the living cosmic intelligence which is generating the Universe out of itself.

A spatial cosmic intelligence seems to be the core stuff of the Universe and everything visible is a continuously generated expression of it, a realtime vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, flowers and human beings.

Cosmic intelligence seems to be making itself visible to itself.

The cosmic intelligence field-organism, which fills all space everywhere, is expressing itself as a visible world by facilitating the continuous dynamic emergence of clusters of quantum-scale resonance vibrations, which we interpret with our senses as the branch of a tree or the shape of a flower.

Tuning in to this field helps us to know ourselves as cosmic intelligence expressing itself as a living being and this can help us both live better and re-consider our notions about dying.

Rather than the onset of an abrupt nothingness, we might consider that dying in a meaningful, living Universe is a dissolving into an immense intelligence that we suddenly recognise and know.

An intelligence that seems very familiar and has always known each one of us, during every moment of our life, as an expression of itself.

A cosmic intelligence that helps us know ourselves as expressions of itself who took on a human form for the lifetime of a human being.

Keeping in touch with the living cosmic field-intelligence organism which is our source, by taking a focus of attention inward, is an inner work which helps us be happy, a crucial part of our everyday life in the world.

The living presence of cosmic intelligence always exists within us, waiting for us to reach into it with our attention.

As we inwardly focus our attention, the deep silence of this intelligence field tugs us into itself, dissolving our separation from it, helping us into itself.

As we reach into the silence with our attention, we become the silence.

During our life, as we tune in to this intelligence, we can begin to feel more at home in the Universe and on this planet, our connection with cosmic intelligence re-awakens an intuitive realisation that we’re cosmic beings, the continuously generated vibrational expressions of a field of cosmic intelligence.

Human beings are allowing cosmic intelligence to consciously realise and know itself within the context of a sentient living being.

Even though the events of our daily life on planet Earth can seem challenging, regular contact with the cosmic intelligence which is generating all of us in realtime out of itself can help us find the resilience and intuitive inspiration to find solutions to the issues we have to deal with.

One conscious, no-boundary spatial cosmic intelligence, which exists prior to thought, is present in all space and is where all seeing and knowing occurs.

~We can bring this intuitive realisation into our daily life by taking a focus of attention inward.

~The focus of our attention, like the rays of light focussed into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space that surrounds us.

~If we pause from reading for a moment, we can take the location of this point-focussed attention away from the words on our screen and move it into the inner core of ourself.

~We can gently hold this focus of attention in the inner core of ourself and allow our thinking to subside.

~Our attention is now focussed within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe.

As we take a focus of attention inward, we become conscious of this cosmic intelligence, or we could say, it becomes conscious of itself within us.

Within each one of us is the whole conscious space in all of us.



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