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Knowing universal consciousness

Paul Mulliner
4 min readApr 4, 2023
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We think of ourselves as separate from each other and the world around us and of course our own body is clearly separate from every other human body.

But what about our consciousness?

Is that separate and closed off from every one else?

Or is our ‘own personal’ conscious awareness a unique lens into universal consciousness inside all of us?

A window into universal conscious intelligence in all space, the nonlocal cosmic consciousness that’s the primary fabric of the universe.

Despite being at the experiential core of all the wisdom traditions of the planet, we still know very little about this fundamental cosmic field.

The cosmic intelligence continuously becoming the observable universe is a universal field-consciousness experiencing human life within all of us.

It’s the source of our conscious awareness and provides us with intuitive guidance, spontaneous inspiration and insight.

Knowing this underlying universal consciousness for ourselves begins with realizing where our attention is focused here and now.

We can direct our focused attention inside ourselves if we choose, into the conscious silence inside us.

Knowing this inward conscious silence for ourselves brings us to the intuitive realization that a single field of universal consciousness is experiencing everything everywhere all at once.

It has a nonlocal knowing, within and of all of us, all life and our universe.

This universal consciousness seems to be an experiencing-intelligence field inside all life and throughout all the three dimensional space that extends across the universe.

Holding an inner focus of attention raises and tunes the frequency of consciousness inside us into a local resonance vortex, helping us more clearly access and realize intuition.

A local vortex of high frequency consciousness occurs when our inward attention is focused inside us.

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This tuning vortex is a transient high frequency resonance volume within the universal consciousness field and occurs when we inwardly focus our attention.

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We’re tuning in to the field, tuning in to the insight and inspiration available to us at higher frequencies within the field.

And when we tune in to the universal consciousness and allow ourselves to drift with the tide of our own inner unfolding, we might begin to realize that we don’t decide who we are, we discover who we are inside ourselves.

We uncover and intuitively participate with the universal intelligence inside all of us when we surrender our need to be separate from it.

The universal experiencing consciousness that inhabits all life makes itself apparent to us through our intuition.

And we begin to intuitively know our authentic core self and what we might have within us to contribute to the world.

The unique contribution we can each bring to the world that helps us be happy.

We’re born into a world that takes time to understand and requires us to find our intuitive inner compass.

So we can steer our life for ourselves from an inner place inside us that’s woven into an enduring universal reality.

Our apparently solid and material human body is a streaming flow of quarks and electrons being vibrationally spun out of a field of cosmic intelligence and energy.

Cosmic intelligence is generating our human form, allowing consciousness throughout the Universe to experience a human life.

And if we pay attention to the conscious silence of the cosmic intelligence inside us, tune in to it, connect into it, we have better access to intuitive insight and inspiration.

Access to a useful and pragmatic intelligence that’s always there inside us, even in the tough times of our life, a source of guidance and optimism.

We’re a universal consciousness knowing what it is to be a human being.

The conscious universe having a human experience.

And when we pay attention, we hear the silent voice of universal consciousness inside us.

We hear the conscious silence of the universe.

Paul Mulliner 2023

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