Like Silence Weaves

Through melody

photo by on Unsplash

We’re woven through the stars
like silence weaves through melody,
and every fleeting moment
there’s a knowing hidden in the silence,
a mystery that shows itself
in the shape of flowers
and the beat of our heart,
a silent song that has no end
and no beginning,
a hidden melody of consciousness
becoming life.

Fleeting moments pass and are gone forever,
yet life somehow retains
the ghosts of all the times
we might have known,
the lives we almost chose,
those choices almost made,
those moments forever

What might have been and what has been
blend into what is,
and times we might have known
remain uncreated, unrealized,
for every choice creates a world
of experience and knowing,
every choice takes the Universe
down a different path.

Like waves appearing for a moment
in an endless ocean,
we’re woven through the Universe,
and every choice becomes everything that is
and everything we are,
and blends somehow all experience
into all that comes to pass,
while our heart is wide as starlight
in the boundless sky of conscious space.



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Paul Mulliner

Paul Mulliner


Artist, animation designer and writer. Writing about inspiration, intuition, consciousness, dreams ….