Like Echoes

Of something we once knew

Paul Mulliner
2 min readAug 18, 2021
photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Somehow, as all
the passing moments
of our life
drift by like dreams,
a conscious light
and silence
as large as the Universe
is everywhere,
shining into all the
fleeting impressions
streaming through our life,
guiding us
when life seems hard
in the rain and wind
of everyday.

the breath of the invisible
in our heart,
voice of the infinite silence
gazing through us,
joining us to the stars
and the sometimes
forgotten beauty
of the Universe,
brings us guidance
even when all hope seems lost
and life too hard
in the dawn
of yet another day.

And though we
don’t get much time
to be human
and there’s nothing
to hang on to
as all the days pass by,
while we still have breath
and can feel the wind
in our face
and see the sky and stars,
there’s always
a space and light
inside us
like the light
that love is made of.

And this conscious light
that took on human form
remembers all the moments
of our life
like the echoes
of something
we once knew.

Paul Mulliner 2021

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