Like a Sky

Inside us

Paul Mulliner
1 min readFeb 15, 2022
photo by Ian Kelsall on Unsplash

As all the days pass by
like water sliding
through our fingers,
the unseen intelligence
shaping every flower
and leaf
and every human life,
reveals itself as intuition,
and orchestrates
the threads of circumstance
woven by our choices,
as though it knows
and lives
in every moment.

This conscious silence
holds all the stars,
and brings meaning
to our human life,
weaving itself into now,
showing us
how we can see more clearly.

And while we still have breath,
there’s always the silence
like a sky
inside us,
a space and light
like the light
that love is made of.



Paul Mulliner

Writer and Designer based in London. Writing about intuition, consciousness ....