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Knowing the Cosmic field-Self

Paul Mulliner


In 1543, Nicolaus Copernicus published “On the revolution of Heavenly Spheres” which introduced the idea that planet Earth moves around the sun.

For centuries previously, the accepted wisdom had been that planet Earth was stationary at the centre of the Universe and the sun rotated around it.

This new idea, of a spinning Earth rotating around the sun was met with widespread resistance, not least because it seemed self-evident that the planet was static while the sun moved across the sky.

Eventually though, this new way of understanding the world was accepted. There was a shift in awareness.

Today, despite some resistance, there is beginning to be a shift in our understanding of the nature of human consciousness.

The established view is that consciousness is produced by our separate brain. It seems self-evident, to many people, that this should be the case.

Suppose though, that our human consciousness, rather than being generated by the brain, is actually present everywhere in the Universe as an intrinsic cosmic consciousness field, which our brain tunes into and participates with.

While we’re awake, our human brain is processing a stream of data from our body senses of sight, hearing and touch and flavouring the cosmic field-consciousness which exists within us and in all space everywhere, with the experience of being inside our unique human body.

The seeing and experiencing we’re aware of inside ourselves is occurring within a cosmic field-intelligence or consciousness-organism and this cosmic field-self is really who we are, not the ‘separate’ ego created by our thinking.

Of course, a healthy personal ego is essential when we’re navigating through the usual human experiences of living in the everyday world, but now we can begin to see our ‘separate’ ego as a convenient thought-created fiction, a porous and dissolvable thought construct existing within the all-experiencing, self-knowing field-consciousness.

We can take it less seriously and be less caught up in the insecurities that can emerge for us if we attach our sense of self exclusively to this unstable, thought-created construct we call ego, rather than allowing ourselves to retain a conscious awareness of the underlying cosmic field-self.

If we pay attention inside ourselves to the self-aware, cosmic consciousness field-organism, we can realise intuitively that it is knowable as the same one self in everyone, everywhere, at the same moment.

The authentic self in each one of us is the cosmic field-self present within all of us everywhere rather than the separate ego self we create with our thoughts.

Taking a focus of attention inward and regularly knowing the cosmic field-consciousness, the intelligent aliveness that seems to be in all space within and around us, helps us to dissolve our ego slightly and lessen our sense of separation from others.

The huge benefit this regular tuning-in brings into our daily life in the world is that we can begin to develop a much clearer awareness of the intuitive guidance that the cosmic intelligence field-organism is always offering us.

This intuitive guidance often appears in our life as a sudden flash of inspiration or insight and we can encourage these flashes of intuitive inspiration to occur more often if we tune in regularly to the field.

We can also begin to feel more at home in the Universe, our connection with cosmic intelligence re-awakens an intuitive realisation that we’re cosmic beings, the continuously generated, apparently material, vibrational expressions of a field of cosmic intelligence.

Moment by moment, the cosmic field-intelligence organism is vibrationally structuring cosmic energy into the flow of quantum scale standing waves which we interpret with our senses as human body cell biochemistry.

Human beings are being generated in realtime by a vibrational transformation of cosmic intelligence-energy into living human body cells.

The transforming of cosmic energy and intelligence into the clusters of energy fluctuations which we observe as our own human hand, is occurring as a continuously emergent process, a streaming flow of emergence from the non-visible into the visible.

Cosmic intelligence is generating, synchronising and orchestrating a very large number of complex chemical reactions inside every one of our trillions of body cells.

Despite the persuasive apparent materiality of our human body and our surroundings in the world, it seems that all material stuff is actually clusters of vibrational fluctuations in a field of cosmic energy.

The world is cosmic intelligence continuously making itself visible.

Knowing this for ourselves, by regularly tuning in to the field-intelligence which is bringing us into being, helps us to live well in the world.

As we consciously realise ourselves as expressions of cosmic intelligence, we can find a larger sense of what it means to be human.

We can begin to know ourselves as cosmic intelligence expressing itself as a living being and this can help us both live better and re-consider our notions about dying.

Intuitively knowing the cosmic field-intelligence helps us realise that it is consciously aware of the birth, life and death of all of us everywhere within itself.

We might reasonably consider that dying within this one conscious space is a dissolving into an immense cosmic intelligence that we suddenly recognise and know.

~We can bring this intuitive realisation into our daily life by taking a focus of attention inward.

~The focus of our attention, like the rays of light focussed into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space that surrounds us.

~If we pause from reading for a moment, we can take the location of this point-focussed attention away from the words on our screen and move it into the inner core of ourself.

~We can gently hold this focus of attention in the inner core of ourself and allow our thinking to subside.

~Our attention is now focussed within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe.

An all-knowing, nonlocal cosmic field-intelligence which reveals our human life to have been a transient expression of itself.

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