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Is there a Spatial Intelligence throughout the Universe?

Paul Mulliner


Our human body isn’t nearly as solid and material as it looks.

Research in physics has established that atoms are clusters of standing waves within a cosmic energy field that permeates all space everywhere in the Universe.

The atoms and molecules that make up the cells of our body are actually localised vibrational wave-patterns within a field of cosmic energy.

When we look inside a body cell, these cosmic field-energy excitations seem to be exquisitely choreographed and orchestrated into a coherent process of precise interaction with each other.

We can observe the presence of a continuously emergent flow of chemical reactions requiring the simultaneous co-participation of multiple different proteins and enzymes.

Some of these complex molecules, actually wave-patterns in the cosmic energy field, have to move across a cell at precisely the right moment to come together in the right place and the right time to interact with other proteins and enzymes.

All this synchronised activity, the apparently orchestrated coming together of trillions of bio-molecular wave-patterns throughout the human body, seems to indicate that the quantum vacuum has an intrinsic capacity for intelligent dynamic organisation.

Could this capacity for intelligent orchestration reveal the presence of a field-intelligence in all space in the Universe and within all living beings?

A cosmic field-intelligence which seems to be expressing itself as a visible world by facilitating the continuous dynamic emergence of clusters of standing waves or resonance vibrations within a cosmic field of energy.

Actually, if we take a focus of attention inward, we can know this cosmic field-intelligence within ourselves as our conscious awareness.

The conscious space or field-intelligence which permeates the Universe can be intuitively known inside each one of us if we pay attention to it.

One conscious space, which exists prior to thought, seems to be present inside all of us everywhere and around all of us.

One cosmic field-intelligence organism is apparently expressing itself moment by moment as all life in the Universe while also knowing and experiencing everything occurring within every living being everywhere.

This is an all-experiencing, nonlocal cosmic field-awareness organism which knows all of us everywhere as one knowing within itself.

The intuitive realization of a nonlocally experiencing, spatial cosmic consciousness that is tuned into by our brain but isn’t bounded by our human body can be challenged as being too subjective.

Interestingly though, this intuitive realization is in sync with the apparent nonlocality of the cosmic energy field revealed by experiment.

Research in physics points to the possible nonlocality of the quantum vacuum in which every part of the whole field is instantly correlated with every other part of the whole field.

Each part of the field seems to be instantly feeding back information into or informing the whole field just as the whole field seems to be instantly feeding back into or informing each part.

In this way everything seems to be dynamically correlated with everything else and reveals a dynamic intelligent coherence.

This nonlocal field-experiencing means that anything known anywhere is also known instantaneously everywhere.

Human explorations of the nature of consciousness and the Universe are progressing along two parallel tracks, one inner and intuitive emerges out of directing a focus of attention inwardly, the other emerges out of directing our attention at the world around us.

Both can seem to suggest the possible existence of a cosmic spatial intelligence.

Within each one of us, our human brain, which is processing a continuous stream of information from our body senses, allows this conscious, self-aware cosmic space to realise itself as being present within the context of a unique, living human being.

Knowing a conscious awareness of this living field-intelligence in all space allows us to realise that it is present throughout the birth, life and death of all of us everywhere.

As we tune in to this field within ourselves, we can sense that our human body is a streaming flow-expression of cosmic intelligence, a continuously emergent, moment by moment transforming of cosmic intelligence into vibrational materialisation and appearance in the world.

Life, it seems, is opportunistic in the Universe, cropping up where it can survive from within the cosmic intelligence field, emerging at first as bio-molecular wave-patterns in the field and evolving into simple and then more complex lifeforms.

Here on Earth, that intelligent evolution has resulted in us and the other living beings we observe around ourselves, all of us in a streaming flow of continuous emergence from the field, cosmic intelligence becoming visible as it transforms itself into all of us everywhere.

~We can bring this intuitive realisation into our daily life by taking a focus of attention inward.

~The focus of our attention, like the rays of light focussed into a high intensity point by a lens, has an actual location in the space that surrounds us.

~If we pause from reading for a moment, we can take the location of this point-focussed attention away from the words on our screen and move it into the inner core of ourself.

~We can gently hold this focus of attention in the inner core of ourself and allow our thinking to subside.

~Our attention is now focussed within a conscious, self-aware space which seems to be not only inside us, but everywhere throughout the Universe.


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