Consciousness is Everywhere

Throughout the universe

Paul Mulliner
5 min readJul 24, 2022
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“As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science, to the study of matter, I can tell you as a result of my research about the atoms this much: There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together…. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Spirit. This Spirit is the matrix of all matter” — Max Planck : German theoretical physicist : 1944

We’re living in a time when insights from the front edge of science are being joined with insights from the ancient intuitive wisdom traditions to create a new synthesis, a new worldview fit for the 21st century.

These intuitive insights reveal a different world than that proposed by our current mainstream world-view, in which our separate human brain is thought to somehow generate consciousness.

This shift in understanding is important because it helps us make different choices than we might have previously, choices that can change our life for the better.

And making this shift for ourselves has to do with finding the clarity and intuitive intelligence of the universal consciousness inside us, and allowing it to dissolve some of our habitual thinking.

A key change in our understanding of ourselves emerges from the realization that the cosmic energy field researched by physicists over the past century is also a field of consciousness.

A spacious universal consciousness exists inside all of us and throughout all space everywhere.

And the conscious silence we find inside us when we allow our thinking to dissolve away is the presence of this universal consciousness.

A spacious cosmic consciousness/intelligence is experiencing living as countless life-forms on all the planets that support life throughout the Universe.

A universal consciousness orchestrating photosynthesis and bringing sentient life into being everywhere.

A cosmic field-intelligence transforming itself into the choreographed streaming flows of cell biochemistry we see occurring within all living beings.

Our individual human life has meaning and value in a Universe where all life and consciousness are woven into one continuously evolving whole.

We’re all in this together, every moment of every day we’re connected into a universal organism of conscious awareness that’s evolving and changing as a consequence of our own life.

This view of ourselves as always woven into an evolving and intelligent whole is a long way from the previous way we saw life.

For many people in previous generations, life in an apparently indifferent, meaningless Universe with a brief time to be alive, meant a focus on wealth and attempts to dominate others.

The focus was always on separation.

We can maybe begin to see things differently.

We’re born into this world from within an enduring universal consciousness that’s always here, throughout the birth and death of all of us.

Everything we are while we’re alive is woven into this universal consciousness and remains there as part of the continuously evolving whole.

Life is meaningful and we’re all evolving toward being able to find the clarity and intelligence of cosmic consciousness within ourselves more easily than previously.

Our view of reality, our worldview, is often shaped by our preconceptions and assumptions, and can sometimes be an unconscious prism through which we see the world.

The separatist and materialist worldview that so characterized the 20th century has entered deep into mainstream thinking and acts as a sort of foundational myth, a way of structuring and filtering reality.

Materialist, separation thinking has been obscuring the reality that we’re always connected into a conscious and intelligent Universe.

Positive change is possible, but the most fundamental and difficult change needed is change in our awareness, a change in the way we see the world, each other and our planet.

And this change can begin to happen when we tune in to the conscious silence inside us and find for ourselves the intuitive realization that it’s everywhere, inside all of us.

We’re a spacious universal and cosmic consciousness appearing as a separate person.

A single conscious space exists inside all of us, a universal conscious awareness before it becomes thought.

And when we let our thinking dissolve away, we can become aware of this conscious silence inside us.

Unique personal experiences happen inside each one of us, but our conscious awareness isn’t separate from the whole of cosmic consciousness inside all of us.

And it’s our culturally biased separation from the underlying clarity and wisdom of cosmic consciousness that seems to be causing widespread distress.

And though we were probably never taught how to tune in to the inner conscious silence at school, and our culture seems in any case to regard intuition as irrational or unscientific, despite it being central to the creation of art, poetry and music, the scientific worldview could use a more intuitive perspective.

Scientific research during the last century has shown all ‘material stuff’ to be clusters of tiny wave patterns in a field of nonlocal cosmic energy.

This nonlocality, proven by experiment, reveals the foundational, underlying energy field throughout the Universe to be a single connective space joining everything everywhere into one unified whole.

Atoms and molecules are connected patterns of vibration in a universal cosmic field that’s everywhere.

Everything is dynamically woven into and correlated with everything else, revealing an apparent intelligent coherence.

How do we explain the unity and coherence of both living cell biochemistry and conscious awareness without assuming the existence of a structuring, arranging and choreographing field-intelligence throughout the Universe?

A universal cosmic intelligence that’s expressing itself through a spatial-orchestration-field both inside the brain, throughout our body and in all space everywhere?

And as we find the conscious silence that’s always present inside us, we can tune in to this universal field and intuitively realize it to be a single, connected space, a universal consciousness.

We can intuitively realize that the conscious awareness inside us is a universal consciousness everywhere, throughout all space and inside all life.

A universal intelligence exists everywhere in the Universe as a primary and fundamental field and it can sometimes seem to be guiding our personal evolution into an ever more conscious awareness of itself.

It guides us through our life with intuitive suggestions for how to proceed with various choices we may need to make, if we tune in to it.

Without this guidance and the sense of trusting in a generous and providential Universe that it helps bring about, we can perhaps begin to feel estranged from life and each other, and express our frustrations in the world in anger and unhappy feelings.

Despite the apparent chaos we can see happening around us, the underlying clarity and wisdom of cosmic consciousness always remains available to us.

We’re making the difficult transition into a new understanding of ourselves as being always woven into a conscious and intelligent Universe.



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