Hearing the Silence

Of the universe

Paul Mulliner
3 min readJan 27, 2023
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The world around us isn’t actually solid and material as it seems to be.

Physicists haven’t found anything corresponding to our sensory experience of material substance, they’ve found atoms and molecules formed of densely woven cosmic energy in various patterns and frequencies of vibration.

Cosmic energy so densely woven it’s visible and touchable to our human body senses.

Cosmic energy so densely woven it appears to be solid.

A cosmic intelligence everywhere throughout the universe is continuously becoming electrons, flowers, trees and human beings.

Our apparently solid and material human body is a streaming flow of quarks and electrons being vibrationally spun out of a field of cosmic intelligence and energy.

Cosmic intelligence/consciousness is generating our human form and experiencing human life.

It’s transforming the unlimited energy of the Universe into a streaming flow-emergence of clusters of resonance vibrations, the orchestrated vibratory jazz of quarks, electrons and biochemistry that’s visible as our own hand.

And rather than trying to understand this universal consciousness conceptually with our thoughts, we might consider trying to intuitively know it.

By inwardly focusing our attention.

Our intuitive connection into this cosmic source helps us be immersed in its nonlocal intelligence and realize it’s always inside us.

Always available to help us, always joining us into the evolving conscious Universe and each other.

We can tune in to this cosmic intelligence by paying attention to it inside us.

We can inwardly focus our attention and find the silence of universal consciousness.

Consciousness unaltered by thought, like an ocean untouched by wind.

image Paul Mulliner 2022, model photo Fleur Kaan on Unsplash, background photo Brigitta Schneiter

Inwardly focusing our attention helps us find the intuitive guidance, the energy, and enthusiasm to bring positive change into the world.

We can tune into, realize and know the universal consciousness that’s generating and fine-tuning all life into continued existence.

Transforming cosmic energy into trillions of precisely orchestrated chemical reactions throughout our human body every moment.

So we can experience life.

So consciousness throughout the universe can experience our human life within itself.

And know the experience of life within all living beings everywhere.

And if we pay attention to the conscious silence of the cosmic intelligence inside us, tune in to it, connect into it, we have better access to intuitive insight and inspiration.

Access to a useful and pragmatic intelligence that’s always there inside us, even in the tough times of our life, a source of guidance and optimism.

We’re woven into a single field of consciousness, a conscious universe that’s aware of all of us within itself.

We have an inner conscious depth without limit that touches into universal consciousness.

This depth emerges for us in moments of solitude, moments when we allow our attention to go deeper into our inner core than we usually do.

Moments when we realize we’re all woven into something much larger than our everyday life reveals.

The almost inexpressible cosmic intelligence in all of us makes no sound, but it can be heard with our inner ear, the ear of our intuition.

When we pay attention, we hear the silent voice of universal consciousness inside us.

We hear the conscious silence of the universe.

Paul Mulliner 2023

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