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Getting in Tune with Consciousness in the Universe

How using meditation to tune in to cosmic consciousness helps us find the intuitive wisdom we need to live well.

Paul Mulliner
4 min readOct 28, 2019


Throughout human history, people worldwide have intuitively realized the inner presence of a cosmic intelligence or consciousness they’ve called God, Brahman, Wakan-Tanka, Tao and many other names.

This is an intuitive realization, not a concept.

It’s not available to our thinking mind because our thoughts are constructs within a cosmic consciousness field which can only be known by tuning in to it, not thinking about it.

We need to take a focus of attention inward, allow our thoughts to dissolve away and take some time to get to know the presence of consciousness inside us.

This is the ordinary inner presence of our conscious awareness.

When we pay attention to this inner presence, we can intuitively realize that it exists everywhere as a spatial cosmic intelligence, inside and around all of us and throughout the Universe.

As we take a focus of attention inward, we can intuitively realize the one knowing which knows all life everywhere as an expression of itself.

It provides us with our conscious awareness and it’s bringing all life in the Universe into being, by transforming itself into the cosmic energy field-resonances we interpret with our human senses as living cell biochemistry.

Each one of us is a boundless, unlimited cosmic intelligence taking on the form of a human being.

This intelligence is always available inside us as our everyday consciousness and becomes even more apparent to us when we experience moments of particular clarity or inspiration.

We can tune into and get more deeply in touch with cosmic intelligence using an inner directed focus of attention and finding this inner connection helps us intuitively realize pertinent and context-sensitive guidance for the issues and problems we have to deal with every day.

In our busy, contemporary world, we’ve mostly slipped out of touch with a conscious, everyday connection into cosmic intelligence and lost the feeling of being woven into each other and at home in the Universe.

When we lose this inner connection, we can often see ourselves as separate from the world and from other people, apparently alone inside the boundaries of our own mind, experiencing the world through the lens of a personal and insecure ego self.

Ego is insecure because it’s a personal thought-construct or idea, a shallow conceptual fiction created since childhood, which has no grounding in the deeper, intuitively known, universal consciousness inside all of us.

Ideas about ourself which make up the core of ego provide a distorting lens through which we see the world and the reality we live in becomes coloured by our interpretations of it.

Each one of us is a boundless, unlimited cosmic intelligence taking on the form of a human being.

Although we’re joined into one conscious space with everyone around us and never actually separate from other people, we can seem to be separate from them when we’re inside the prism of ego and we’re focussing our attention on an incessant stream of thoughts which are warping our experience of the world.

Taking a focus of attention inward helps us dissolve these thought boundaries, realize a thought-free inner space and rediscover our intuitive connection into the one knowing which knows all of us as itself, the cosmic intelligence which is bringing all life into being throughout the Universe.

A single cosmic self exists inside all of us and becomes knowable as we allow our incessant thinking to dissolve away.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

The transforming of cosmic energy and intelligence into the clusters of energy fluctuations which we observe as our own human hand, is occurring as a continuously emergent process, a streaming flow of emergence from the non-visible into the visible.

The bio-molecules of our living body are actually three dimensional dynamic resonance-forms within a cosmic energy field, not unlike the standing waves generated within audible sound frequencies which we experience as music.

Cosmic intelligence is becoming visible as it transforms itself into all of us everywhere.

As we take a focus of attention inward, we can begin to know ourselves as a cosmic intelligence expressing itself as living human beings and we can find insights into the possible nature of our own eventual death.

We might reasonably consider that dying within a cosmic spatial-consciousness is a rapid dissolving into the nonlocal awareness that cosmic intelligence has of itself.

A gentle merging into the one cosmic intelligence which knows and has known and loved all living beings and each one of us.

From our birth within itself and throughout every moment of our life.

As we take a focus of attention inward, we can intuitively realize the one knowing which knows all life everywhere as an expression of itself.

And we can find a way of seeing the world which helps us care for each other and our Planet.



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