Finding the Conscious Universe

Inside us

Paul Mulliner
3 min readAug 3, 2021
image Paul Mulliner 2021 model photo by Jerzy Gorecki on Pixabay

Inside us, there’s a universal conscious space.

Actually there’s really no ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ to a human being.

Consciousness exists in the space around us as well as the space inside us.

There’s one seamless conscious space across the Universe experiencing life inside all living beings everywhere.

Something in the Universe, a conscious space and silence words can’t describe, is experiencing life inside all of us.

A spacious consciousness as large as the Universe is knowing what it is
to be human.

And our inner core is somehow woven into this consciousness throughout the Universe.

The awareness we know inside ourselves, the conscious seeing and knowing prior to thought, is a cosmic consciousness that includes all of us within itself.

image Paul Mulliner 2021 model photo Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

We can tune in to this cosmic field.

We can train ourselves to take a focus of attention into the conscious space and silence inside us regularly during the day, so we can bring more clarity and depth of awareness into our life.

And improve our access to the intuition that brings insight and inspiration and help with our everyday problems and issues.

The universal consciousness is a constant presence, through all the endless changes in our life.

A conscious silence as large as the Universe reminds us we’re cosmic, the Universe in human form.

And we’re never separate from this conscious space.

When we’re born, the Universe becomes a human being.

And while we live, an inexpressible spatial intelligence throughout the Universe is transforming cosmic energy into the biochemistry of our body.

A field of cosmic intelligence is vibrationally altering the energy fabric of itself to make itself visible, touchable and knowable as all of us and all life everywhere.

Transforming itself into the clusters of energy fluctuations that appear to us as the living beings of our world.

While several trillion complex biochemical reactions, all in precise sync with one another, are occurring throughout our human body, coherent neural processing, within trillions of synapses in our brain, is generating the visual, aural and tactile impression of a three-dimensional world around us.

And it’s now time, in 2021, to recognize that consciousness is the primary element in the Universe not matter.

An immersive, self-aware, cosmic consciousness is expressing itself as all life in the Universe and experiencing being alive.

Conscious awareness is an attribute of this universal field of consciousness, not an activity of the separate brain of living beings.

Let’s remember that the worldview placing cosmic consciousness at the heart of the Universe isn’t anything new.

Many wisdom traditions through the centuries have created their own names and descriptions for the conscious space and silence inside us that seems to extend everywhere throughout the Universe and include all of us.

And a simple daily mindfulness practice helps us dissolve our sense of separation from the world and each other, and our usual and conventional view of reality, bringing insight and inspiration.

Helping us also realize we’re participants in a conscious and intelligent Universe, generating, encouraging, and maintaining life throughout itself.

We’re the spacious consciousness as large as the Universe, that knows what it is to be human.

Paul Mulliner 2021

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