Finding the Silence

And knowing cosmic intelligence

Paul Mulliner
4 min readJan 19, 2022
image Paul Mulliner 19–12–21

“There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known
Nothing you can see that isn’t shown
There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be”
from ‘All You Need Is Love’ by John Lennon (Lennon-McCartney)

“Silence is the language of god ” Rumi

We may sometimes feel we’ve lost touch with the roots of our being, lost our access to inspiration, forgotten a larger knowing woven deep inside us.

Inwardly focusing our attention helps us find this larger knowing, an intuitive realization of universal consciousness, the conscious silence.

Like sound vibrations forming dynamic patterns in the surface of water,
cosmic intelligence throughout the Universe is transforming itself
into human beings and experiencing life.

And finding the inspiration to bring positive change into our life begins with knowing the conscious silence of this universal intelligence inside us.

Focusing our attention inwardly sometimes, rather than outwardly into the world around us.

When we do this we find the inner conscious silence and realize cosmic consciousness is everywhere, inside and all around us.

Consciousness isn’t limited to our human brain, it’s an unseen spatial experiencing everywhere in the Universe.

It’s a single conscious space inside all of us, universal conscious awareness before it becomes thought.

And we can get in sync with it and bring its intelligence and wisdom into our everyday life.

We can tune in to the deep silence inside us and find the consciousness that’s bringing the Universe into being.

The Universe is experiencing being human, learning how to live as human beings.

image Paul Mulliner 2021

And as we tune in to the silence of the universal consciousness inside us, by inwardly focusing our attention, we can begin to know ourselves as expressions of the whole Universe and see life differently.

Not only are we never alone, since consciousness throughout the Universe is experiencing life through all of us, but we always have help.

The wisdom within universal consciousness is always intuitively available.

And though our attention is often drawn outward into the world around us, and we may forget to tune in to universal consciousness, it’s always there waiting for us when we inwardly focus our attention again.

We’re consciousness throughout the Universe experiencing life inside the body of a human being.

One conscious, no-boundary spatial cosmic intelligence, which exists prior to thought, is where all knowing and experiencing occurs.

image Paul Mulliner 2021 model photo Samuel Bordo on Unsplash

This one conscious space, which seems to exist inside and around all of us and everywhere throughout the Universe, finds its way into our everyday life in the world through our intuition.

Cosmic intelligence is continuously transforming itself into the observable Universe

This spatial cosmic intelligence is the primary stuff of the Universe and everything visible is a continuously generated expression of it, a realtime vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as our own human body.

A cosmic intelligence bringing all of us into being by continuously transforming cosmic energy into biochemistry.

A conscious silence becoming human beings and moments of experience.

And we might consider that dying in our conscious Universe is a dissolving of the boundaries around our separate sense of self, as we realize we’ve always been immersed, during life, in a cosmic intelligence we now suddenly recognize, know and understand.

And while we were alive, we always were the whole conscious Universe experiencing life inside the body of a human being.

Cosmic intelligence having a human experience.

The whole Universe living as a human being.

Finding the inspiration to bring positive change into our life begins with knowing the conscious silence inside us.

We’re all woven from a universal consciousness and inside us the sky of inspiration is a silent song in our heart, and the whispers of our intuition are inspiring us to live in sync with the Universe.



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