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Discovering the New Reality

Paul Mulliner
4 min readSep 25, 2019


How a new cosmic spirituality, emerging from meditation practice, is becoming increasingly in sync with insights from the latest scientific research and helping us realize that we’re always connected into a field of cosmic consciousness and each other.

Our current world-view, which holds that our separate human brain generates consciousness, the Universe is a mostly empty and lifeless void and that the living beings on planet Earth have somehow emerged from random mutations of material stuff, is slowly being displaced by an emerging new vision of reality.

Let’s examine these propositions in turn and see how they’re now beginning to evolve and change:

~Our separate human brain generates consciousness.

The new worldview regards consciousness as a primary element within the Universe, present in all space everywhere.

Human consciousness, rather than being generated by the brain, is actually present everywhere in the Universe as an intrinsic cosmic consciousness field, which our brain tunes into and participates with.

Our brain is tuning in to a cosmic field of consciousness, allowing us a unique window into a universal field-awareness, rather than generating a separate personal awareness for each one of us.

While we’re awake, our human brain is processing a stream of data from our body senses of sight, hearing and touch and flavouring cosmic consciousness with the experience of being inside our unique human body.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

~The Universe is a mostly empty and lifeless void.

The new worldview regards the cosmic consciousness field, present everywhere in the Universe, as an active and generative spatial-intelligence, which is vibrationally structuring cosmic energy into the flow of quantum-scale standing waves which we interpret with our senses as living body cell-biochemistry.

The transforming of cosmic energy and intelligence into the clusters of energy fluctuations which we observe as our own human hand, is occurring as a continuously emergent process, a streaming flow of emergence from the non-visible into the visible.

For nearly a century, researchers in physics have known that all ‘material stuff’ actually consists of large clusters of quantum-scale wave patterns in a field of cosmic energy.

Atoms are actually a cluster of three dimensional dynamic resonance-forms or standing waves within the quantum-vacuum field, not unlike the standing waves generated within audible sound frequencies which we experience as music.

Despite it’s persuasive, apparent materiality, the visible world we see around ourselves is made up of vibrational wave patterns in one underlying, non-visible cosmic field.

~Living beings on planet Earth have somehow emerged from random mutations of material stuff.

The new worldview regards all living beings as a cluster of continuously emergent processes rather than a thing.

The atoms and molecules that make up the cells of our body are actually localised vibrational wave-patterns or standing waves within a field of cosmic energy.

When we look inside a body cell, these cosmic field-energy excitations seem to be exquisitely choreographed and orchestrated into a coherent process of precise interaction with each other.

We can observe the presence of a continuously emergent flow of chemical reactions requiring the simultaneous co-participation of multiple different proteins and enzymes.

Some of these complex molecules, actually wave-patterns in the cosmic energy field, have to move across a cell at precisely the right moment to come together in the right place and the right time to interact with other proteins and enzymes.

All this synchronised activity, the apparently orchestrated coming together of trillions of bio-molecular wave-patterns throughout the human body, indicates that the cosmic energy field or ‘quantum vacuum’ has an intrinsic capacity for intelligent dynamic organisation.

A cosmic field-intelligence seems to be expressing itself as a visible world by facilitating the continuous dynamic emergence of clusters of standing waves or resonance vibrations within a cosmic field of energy, generating, synchronising and orchestrating a very large number of complex chemical reactions inside every one of our trillions of body cells.

The world is cosmic intelligence continuously making itself visible.

The new worldview emerges from intuitive realizations that occur during meditation.

Hindering the acceptance of these intuitive realizations and their visibility in the mainstream culture, is that they’re not available to our thinking mind.

Our thoughts are like conceptual patternings in the surface of cosmic consciousness.

Consciousness itself, unpatterned by thought, can be known by tuning in to it, by focussing our attention within it, but not by thinking about it.

This is unfortunate, because direct, intuitive personal contact with cosmic consciousness allows us to realize and know that each one of us is a boundless, unlimited cosmic intelligence taking on the form of a human being.

A single cosmic self exists inside all of us, which becomes knowable as we allow the incessant ripples of our thinking to dissolve away, leaving just stillness and silence.

As we sense our own continuous becoming moment by moment and know ourselves as a flow-process transforming cosmic energy into material human beings, we get closer to understanding the actuality of our world.

Moving our attention inward allows us to know the silent presence of the generative cosmic intelligence that is continuously making the whole world out of itself, vibrationally transforming itself into the interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry.

As we tune in to the field, we can sense that our human body is a streaming flow-expression of cosmic intelligence, a continuously emergent, moment by moment transforming of itself into vibrational materialization and appearance in the world.

Cosmic intelligence is becoming visible as it transforms itself into all of us everywhere.

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