Bringing Cosmic Intelligence into our Life

Paul Mulliner
4 min readNov 9, 2022
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We bring cosmic intelligence into our life by tuning in to it, paying attention to it inside ourselves.

This has nothing to do with thinking.

It’s an intuitive knowing of the universal consciousness inside us.

When we pay attention to the conscious space and silence inside us and allow all our thinking to dissolve away, we can find the clear presence of conscious awareness.

Taking a focus of attention inward helps us rediscover our intuitive connection into the one knowing that knows all of us as itself.

The cosmic intelligence that’s bringing all life into being throughout the Universe.

A single cosmic self exists inside all of us and becomes knowable when we allow our thinking to dissolve away.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

There’s no separation between the conscious awareness inside us, and the conscious awareness inside other people.

We’re all immersed together in one conscious experiencing-space, a field of cosmic consciousness that connects us in ways that can appear meaningful and synchronistic.

Actually, it’s more accurate to say that we are this cosmic consciousness, this conscious experiencing-space, appearing as separate living beings.

Realizing the essential oneness of conscious awareness helps us begin to dissolve the tribal separation we may be feeling about people who are different than us.

And awakens a cosmic sense of relationship and connectedness with our planet and all its living beings.

Moving our attention inward allows us to know the presence of the generative source-intelligence that’s continuously making the whole world out of itself, vibrationally transforming itself into the interwoven orchestration of living-cell biochemistry.

A spatial cosmic intelligence-organism is the primary stuff of the Universe and everything that lives is a continuously generated expression of it.

A vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, flowers, human beings and all life everywhere.

When we inwardly focus our attention we can realize we’re all part of a universal flow-process transforming cosmic energy into life and we can get closer to understanding the actuality of our world.

Each one of us is cosmic intelligence transforming itself into the living form of a human being.

We’re cosmic beings, expressions of an intelligence existing in all space in the Universe and we can access the transformative power of this intelligence whenever we choose.

And as we consciously realize ourselves as expressions of cosmic intelligence, we can find a larger sense of what it means to be human.

A Buddhist metaphor describes the interconnectedness of the Universe as being like an infinite array of jewels, each one of which contains a reflection of all other jewels in its surface.

If any jewel is changed in size or color, that change instantly appears on the surface of every jewel in the whole array.

Universal consciousness is nonlocal, anything known locally, inside us, is known instantly throughout the whole field.

Knowing this for ourselves helps us realize that life in our conscious Universe is never separate from the whole of everything occurring everywhere.

And recently, these intuitive realizations of the nonlocality of universal consciousness have been shown to be in sync with experimental results in physics.

The experimental verification of nonlocality within the cosmic energy field is regarded as an important discovery.

It reveals cosmic energy to be nonlocal and perhaps reveals an underlying nonlocality throughout the Universe.

The intuitions we realize with our attention focused in the silence inspire us to live in sync with nonlocal cosmic intelligence.

These intuitions can be transformative, helping us realize that everything we do matters, we’re always woven into the whole of the continuously evolving consciousness in all of us.

Universal consciousness can re-awaken to itself inside us and help us return some essential harmony and balance to human life on our planet.

When we tune in to universal consciousness, it brings us back into sync with itself, and we can rediscover the inner calm that helps us be more receptive to our intuition.

Finding and knowing the conscious space and silence inside us by inwardly focusing our attention regularly for short moments during the day brings us a useful realization of the intuitive wisdom of cosmic intelligence.

Try it and see!

Paul Mulliner 2022

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