Poetry about meaning

photo by Nicolas Prieto on Unsplash

While we have life
and moments to feel the sun
and wind on our face,
we also have time to find
some meaning in being human.

Time to know
the beauty in life
is in all the tiny moments,
those moments
when we’re listening to rain
fall gently on the window
as the wind sighs
through nearby trees,
while clouds slowly stream
across the sky
and there’s only the cry of birds
in the soft, early morning light.

Moments when the wind and sky weave through our being, and our heart knows their endless space and freedom, helping us know…

Poetry about life

photo by Cory Bouthillette on Unsplash

And in the end
all we think
all we know
all we dream
and all we hope,
these are all just
shadows in the wind,
reflected sunlights’ dance,
moments gone forever,
gone like dreams
when daylight comes,
while clouds slowly stream
across the sky
and rain slides down
the window.

There’s nothing
to hang on to in this life,
we leave everything behind,
all we thought we knew,
all we felt, all we said,
everyone we loved,
all gone like wispy cloud
fading into sky,
echoes disappearing
in the breeze,
whispers in the wind.

But in this endless streaming tide…

Poetry about life

photo by Darya Skuratovich on Unsplash

Fleeting moments of awareness
slide and flow
like shadows in a dream,
as clouds slowly stream
across the sky
and it’s another day.

Life’s a river flowing through us,
and we are the river
and the flow,
as the flow becomes moments of experience
and memories of yesterday,
and now is the same moment
inside all of us everywhere.

And sudden intuitions
bring the cosmic into the everyday
dissolving us
into a conscious space
that has no boundaries,
an inner sky perhaps
across the Universe
that sees life
through all of us.

The inward light that love and dreams are…

Poetry about life

photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

There’s something in our lives
words never say.

The light in our heart
and in our eyes,
the inspiration
to sing and dance
and hold each other,
and know
in all these fleeting moments,
as we go through life,
there’s still the chance
of finding love.

And always
the gentle silence
that holds every star
and all of us,
is gazing through
the core of our being
as moments pass,
staying with us
as transient moments
of our life
vanish forever into memory
like whispers
lost in the wind.

And though we have to let it all go, the laughter…

Poetry about life

photo by Samuel Bordo on Unsplash

Like the fleeting shadow
of bird wings
on a sunlit wall,
appearing for a moment
then gone forever,
life happens only now,
while now happens.

As the Universe
experiences life
inside each one of us,
it weaves threads of time
into experience and memory,
and its conscious silence
is the language of our human heart,
the unheard voice
that can never be written,
only known,
within the silence.

Something inexpressible in the Universe seems to be transforming itself into living beings, and while we’re here, it brings us moments of a life passing through us like the swirls and whirls…

Poetry about being human

photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Somewhere inside us
we find the Universe,
the cosmic heart of our being
in the space between the stars.

Somewhere in the silence,
the space and light inside us,
consciousness in the Universe
dissolves us into itself,
bringing the cosmic
into the everyday,
as the fleeting moments
of our life
pass through us,
like clouds streaming
through a windy sky.

A conscious silence throughout the Universe is becoming love and dreams, weaving together the lives of human beings, writing itself into our life, reminding us, when it all seems too hard, that there’s always a place inside us, where the…

Poetry about life

photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Sometimes life
brings a moment
so profound it can’t be said,
and there seems
a single conscious space,
a spacious inner sky,
like cosmic poetry
throughout the Universe.

A conscious silence,
singing itself into appearance
as the visible Universe,
bringing all life into being,
flowing into appearance
as human beings,
knowing every moment
in every leaf,
every blade of grass
and every heart.

The inner core of all of us
is somehow woven,
blended into
this whole, all-seeing Universe,
and in the ordinary everyday,
the heart of our being
is in the space between the stars.

And in the early…

Poetry about life

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

There are moments
when the conscious Universe
dissolves us into itself,
bringing clarity and wisdom into our life,
evolving the inner lens
of our awareness.

Weaving us
into the inherent meaning
in every moment,
knowing with us,
the sadness
and the beauty
of a human life,
intuitively helping us
let it all just flow,
as the wind sighs
through nearby trees
and into the core of our being.

A living cosmic intelligence
is becoming moments of experience,
a spatial consciousness becoming
the here and now,
and our inner silence
joins us into the stars,
the Universe
and each other.


Poetry about life

Photo by Sean on Unsplash

Like starlight
woven into fractal patterns
turning into biochemistry,
we’re born into a human life.

And always there’s the sense
that something inexpressible inside us
connects us with a larger canvas
than the everyday,
weaving us into the Universe.

the sky of our heart,
the universal self gazing
through all life,
isn’t born when we’re born,
it’s already here,
and at the end of our life
we return to this conscious sky
that dreams across the Universe,
inside all life
and in every heart.

We maybe thought we were separate, but the conscious light knows no boundary, it’s one…

Paul Mulliner

Writer and digital artist. On Medium: articles and poetry exploring consciousness as an intrinsic attribute of the Universe.

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