Poetry about meaning

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photo by Nicolas Prieto on Unsplash

While we have life
and moments to feel the sun
and wind on our face,
we also have time to find
some meaning in being human.

Time to know
the beauty in life
is in all the tiny moments,
those moments
when we’re listening to rain
fall gently on the window
as the wind sighs
through nearby trees,
while clouds slowly stream
across the sky
and there’s only the cry of birds
in the soft, early morning light.

Moments when the wind and sky weave through our being, and our heart knows their endless space and freedom, helping us know…

Poetry about life

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photo by Mike Marrah on Unsplash

We don’t get much time
to be human,
to be the Universe
inside a human being,
with every moment
emerging then disappearing
like reflections in the surface of water
before vanishing into memory,
becoming lost echoes
of something
we only partially remember.

And all the while
inside us, gazing through us,
the conscious sky that dreams,
the sound of silence.

We’re the Universe inside a human being and as all experience dissolves into the endless silence inside us, consciousness in the Universe is becoming all life and all experience of life, while everything we experience becomes memories the Universe…

Poetry about life

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photo by Annie Theby on Unsplash

While we have breath
and can feel the wind in our face
and see the sky and stars,
there’s always a space and light inside us
like the light that dreams are made of.

An inner space where conscious light
from everywhere between the stars
makes thoughts and memories
and moments of experience.

A gentle conscious silence
filled with intuitions, inspiration
and the mystery of love,
it’s the song of the Universe,
in the heart of all of us.

This conscious light is in our eyes it’s the clarity, poetry and infinite silence gazing through us that can never be…

In our heart

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photo by Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

We might gaze up at the stars
and wonder how it is
that moments of our human life
are always sliding by
like whispers in the wind,
just fleeting shadows disappearing
from a screen inside our mind.

While all the time
there’s poetry
in our heart
that can’t be written
only known.

Maybe it’s because the Universe
is living life as human beings,
and while we live,
it helps us find
the fleeting beauty
of the everyday,
like when dawn blends
with birdsong
as rain slides down the window.

And there’s sometimes sudden clarity like blue skies in our heart…

With the universe

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Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

We’re children of the Universe,
woven from consciousness
and starlight,
and inside all of us
the sky of inspiration
is a silent song of our heart,
and the voice of intuition
emerges from universal
conscious space,
inspiring us to live in sync
with the Universe.

And like a cosmic flower
unfolding inside all of us
it’s awakening to itself,
revealing a universal truth
in the silence of our heart,
that every human life
has meaning and worth.

Like sound vibrations forming patterns of symmetry and beauty in the surface of water, or music becoming visible as transient structures of light…


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photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

When all thought dissolves
like shadows fading into misty air,
our conscious heart flows
with the larger flow
in our one shared heart,
while all awareness seems joined,
connected, woven,
and opens us
into knowing something
of the delicate beauty
flowing through the Universe,
dissolving thoughts of separation,
helping us realize
we’re the Universe
inside a human being
and all life breathes
with one breath.

And while every moment of our life
is woven into who we become,
the infinite conscious silence
gazes through us,
helping us return
to living in sync
with everything that is.

And as our heart…


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photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

There can sometimes be a moment
when all inner cloud dissolves
and in our heart
something like a song appears,
a silent verse of poetry
like a whisper in a dream.

It’s the silent voice of intuition,
a cosmic poetry inside us all,
an unwritten language
of the infinite silence
gazing through us,
the heart of the conscious Universe.

A Universe that’s experiencing life
as human beings,
every moment of experience
passing through its whole extent
like swirling eddies
passing through the surface of a river
endlessly emerging
in the slipstream of the moment.

A cosmic river of consciousness flowing…

Poetry about life

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photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

Sometimes when we gaze up at the sky,
it can seem like moments of our life
are disappearing in the wind,
and time just slips away
like dreams dissolving into daylight.

And we know there’s really
nothing to hang on to in this human life,
there’s just an endless stream of change
like rainwater sliding down a window.

But as morning cloud glides across the sky,
something constant and unchanging
can sometimes be revealed,
inside the endless change
of the everyday,
and all of life becomes
a journey filled with meaning.

Life’s the unseen and universal revealing itself to us…

Poetry about the universe

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photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

We’re born,
like light from stars
thrown into the wind
and given breath,
and always silent inside us,
a hidden cosmic poetry
that’s everywhere within the Universe.

It’s a conscious silence
that lifts our heart,
dissolving all separate self
into unlimited space,
joining us into the stars
and each other.

And there are often moments
we know this infinite silence
gazing through us
that can never
be said or written,
only known here and now.

Moments that breathe
the breath of the Universe
into our heart,
like light from stars
becoming human experience.

We don’t get much time
to be human,
but starlight is woven
into our being.

Paul Mulliner 2021

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